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15080 US HWY 41. Cedar Lake, IN


ffC Polyvinyl Fence

Vinyl fencing has come a long way since ffC introduced it to this area back in 1981. Its durability can’t be beat. A well engineered PVC fence will surely last a lifetime. As a matter of fact, it’s warranted for just that long!

1230 Black FT

ffC Aluminum Fence

Aluminum fence provides the elegant appearance of an old world wrought iron fence, with no chance of any rust. The far superior powder coating system on our ffC aluminum fence means a long life of no fading or color changes.

“C10” style with “crossover” posts

ffC Aluminum & PVC Railing

The intricacies of an ornate railing make it very difficult to scrape or paint. Why not eliminate that chore entirely? Not only are ffC railings maintenance free, they are strong and durable. They are BOCA approved for strength!

About Our Company

ffC has seen many changes in the business and political world since back in 1974. The one constant has always been that it is much more fun to work with people that enjoy what they do. Those people are also much more enjoyable for our customers to encounter.  So while the faces may change, the ingrained commitment to quality, service and friendliness will continue.  It has become more than a way to do business.  It is now the essence of our company.



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